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Who is Rustam Gilfanov?

Gambling, like other sensitive areas, is not allowed in many countries and is not legal. Ukraine and Russia are no exception. In Ukraine, among the list of professional competencies, there is no mention of the croupier.

Gilfanov has been specializing in pirated software for casino games for many years, simply copying hundreds of well-known games of world producers (Playtech, Novomatic, NetEnt) creating duplicates of such games as Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s Charm , Dolphin’s Pearl, Ironman, Hulk, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and many others.

Rustam Gilfanov is a Russian businessman who decided to move to Ukraine: since his business concerned the gambling sphere, it was more profitable for him to do business in a country where the ban on commercial gambling is allowed, but control and regulation of this area is weaker.

Rustam is the organizer and ultimate beneficiary of the illegal casinos Vulcan Vegas, Joycasino, Casino-X, which operate on the territory of Russia and Ukraine, as well as the entire CIS.

Rustam Gilfanov – pirate king of gambling

Rustam Gilfanov: a gambling’s fan or a titan of the it-industry

Since 2001, in the Russian market, the Rustam Gilfanov’s name and the name of his partners are constantly more familiar. First of all, he, together with his colleague, Sergei Tokarev, founded a business – the “Globo-Tech” company. Entrepreneurs are of the same age, one of them comes from the Moscow region (Sergey Tokarev), and the second – from Perm (Rustam Gilfanov).

Rustam Gilfanov and the gambling industry

Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov and founded several companies involved in the production of software. There are also another enterprises, apart from the already mentioned “Globo-Tech”, were “LuckyPartners”, “Lucky Labs”, and “Playson”. These companies are accused of the operating online casinos that are banned in a number of countries (including such illegal activities in Ukraine and Russia). However, Rustam Gilfanov and Sergey Tokarev stated that the companies are exclusively outsourcing by the nature of their activities. The meaning of the such companies’ activity and the specificity of their functioning is a cooperation with a number of customers, in obtaining orders and fulfilling the requirements, respectively, of customers when creating products. After the end of the work, the finished product is transferred to the client, and the manufacturing company itself alienates the intellectual property rights to the product. The other side of the question: there are no unequivocally white and black spots. Therefore, Rustam Gilfanov has not only competitors who want to sink him and what he dedicates to life, but also well-wishers. For example, when representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine visited the offices of the “Lucky Labs” company, and the work of the company itself was in limbo, there was a lot of “Lucky Labs’” supporters on the Internet who believed that Rustam Gilfanov created one of the most prestigious and successful it-companies, sharing their experience with their Ukrainian counterparts. The presence of international partners, cooperation with the famous European giant Novomatic, brought the brainchild of Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov to a new level. It is also necessary to make a remark that businessmen are employers who treat their employees with due respect. At least, the office of the company looks comfortable and has a place for work. To judge anything, based on absolute criteria, in our relative world is extremely difficult. But so far, businessmen, hailing from Russia, which already hangs certain labels, are placed on the sanctions list established by the incumbent Ukrainian President.

Rustam Gilfanov – the owner of the Lucky Labs company

So, Rustam Gilfanov is Russian entrepreneur, who (after 2007) began to transfer his assets to the Ukraine’s territory. This fact isn’t accidental, after all, Gulfanov’s outsourcing companies performed orders, including for clients whose activities are connected with gambling. This meant that it was necessary to take into account the stringent legislation of the states concerning gambling and casinos. Both Ukraine and Russia, as already mentioned, don’t encourage gambling, having many legal acts that recognize this activity as an offense. But Ukraine and its legislative features were more suited to Rustam Gilfanov and Sergei Tokarev: control here was less severe than in Russia. In addition, Gilfanov is known not only as a businessman in the field of information technology. He also supports and finances a number of virtual casinos: the so-called “volcanoes” – “Vegas Vulcan”, “Joycasino”, “Casino-X”, “Vulcan Deluxe”, “Vulcan 24” etc. These resources are popular in the CIS spaces: where, due to the prohibition of offline casinos, online casinos thrive, underground gaming business. But the name of Rustam Gilfanov is involved in several scandals (in addition to visits by law enforcement officials to the offices of “Lucky Labs”). For example, his company copied software for virtual casinos, using as the invariant already known world samples, for example: “Playtech”, “Novomatic”, “NetEnt”) creating duplicates of such games as “Book of Ra”, “Lucky Lady’s Charm”, “Dolphin’s Pearl”, “Ironman”, “Hulk”, “Gonzo’s Quest”, “Starburs”, and so on.