Not all people will pass the examination of abundance, acquired by excessive and difficult honest work. Owners of IT-company «Lucky Labs» Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov were on the list of sanctions from the President of Ukraine

  IT-company «Lucky Labs» started its work in the 2005 year. The company flourished after the 2007 year – the official offline-casinos’ prohibition in Russia (an accident?).

The central office of the company is in Kiev, besides other development centers are Cyprus, Malta, Moscow, Odessa. The company «Lucky Labs» positions itself as an open joint-stock company engaged in information technologies and services. IT-company develops games for online operators, starting from the plot and ending with the transfer of the finished product to the customer (including the white label system). The company has about five hundred employees and is the largest developer of online games in the Russian-speaking market. «Lucky Labs» is famous for its large gambling projects, such as the online-casinos «Vulcan», «CasinoX» and «Joycasino». Gaming in Ukraine is prohibited, but you can develop software for third-party customers. Its scandalous popularity the company found in the media because of accusations of «Lucky Labs» is that it is not only a developer but also the owner of the online-casino. The online-casinos’ management on the territory of Ukraine and Russia, where it is prohibited, is a serious charge with the company. It produced software for casino games, simply copying hundreds of well-known games of world producers («Playtech», «Novomatic», «NetEnt») creating duplicates of such games as «Book of Ra», «Lucky Lady’s Charm», «Dolphin’s Pearl», «Ironman», «Hulk», «Gonzo’s Quest», «Starburst» and many others. The copied games, in addition to pirated images, have a special mathematics, namely: the percentage of players’ winning (RTP) is much lower than licensed ones. In the past few years, the confrontation between the company «Lucky Labs» and the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has turned into an endless series of accusations and threats from both sides. The first conflicts the company «Lucky Labs» with law enforcement agencies and the charge of tax evasion quickly subsided. The company didn’t suffer in any way and continued its work in Ukraine without hindrance. Now the situation has changed, and with a search into the office of the company came the Military Procuracy together with the SSU. The main reason for the search of the «Lucky Labs’» Kiev office, according to the SSU, was information about the developer’s involvement in illegal gaming and the financing of terrorism. Representatives of the law enforcement agency said that the company «Lucky Labs» is involved in illegal gambling, profits from which goes to the accounts of offshore companies and accounts in Russia. According to representatives of the Security Service, the company’s employees were engaged in supporting online-casinos, and gambling-related funds were withdrawn through the electronic payment system QIWI and filmed through terminals in the territory of the DNR and LNR. And despite the loud objections of the representatives of «Lucky Labs» and various accusations against the law enforcement agencies, the Security Service’s of Ukraine representative Alexander Tkachuk stated at a specially organized briefing that a criminal case was brought against the company’s direction under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – «Gambling» (Article 203 -2) and «Financing of Terrorism» (Article 258-5).

The actual owners of the scandalously known company «Lucky Labs» are Russian entrepreneurs Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov.

As a result of the investigation of the SSU against the shareholders of «Lucky Labs», Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov, who are citizens of the Russian Federation, personal sanctions were applied. Also, other management companies were included in the list of sanctions, including Roman Gilfanov, Ivan Norenko, Maxim Zelensky and others. The official reason for getting on the sanctions list in the NSDC is called «actions that create real threats to national interests and violate the interests of society and the state». Among the sanctions that apply to entrepreneurs: blocking assets, restricting trade operations, prohibiting entry into the country.

  Sanctions do not apply to the activities of the company «Lucky Labs», they relate personally to Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov. All of them are almost the same age.

After the investigation, the Security Service of Ukraine accused the «Lucky Labs’» shareholders of carrying out actions that create real threats to the national interests of Ukraine and violate the interests of society and the state. This caused the application of personal sanctions against the shareholders of «Lucky Labs». They, as a minimum, are threatened with blocking of assets in Ukraine, restrictions on use and disposal of property, suspension of the fulfillment of economic and financial obligations, restriction of trade operations, and prohibition of entry into the territory of the country. Representatives of the company «Lucky Labs», of course, all the charges are called contrived, the searches are illegal, and the actions of the SSU are «a paid-for project».

The history of cooperation of the «Lucky Labs’» founders and one businessman from Zaporizhzhia begins in the 2013 year. Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov had problems with the group of companies «GMS» (the second part of their business, in addition to «Lucky Labs»), which dealt with the online-casinos’ network.

These online sites worked on the principle of the white label. One of the co-owners of «GMS» is a certain Mr. Lyashenko, decided to sell his share to a competitor. It follows from court documents that this caused a serious conflict within the company. Gilfanov and Tokarev didn’t want anyone to become a majority shareholder. Zaporizhzhian businessman, having learned about the conflict, offered to exchange Tokarev’s share with Gilfanov in one of the projects of the «Phoenix Holdings ltd». The company was estimated at $ 120 million, the «Lucky Labs’» owners were to receive 10% of its value. Businessman promised new partners that their monthly income from the deal would be 250 thousand dollars, and in nine months – will double. This deal became a stumbling block between businessmen. Conflicts between partners grew like a snowball. Judicial battles with varying success go to this day. At the last trial, the «Lucky Labs’» owners Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov managed to freeze on the accounts of zaporizhzhian businessman a disputable amount of 12 million dollars. This was the reason for making the searches ordered by this businessman in the Tokarev’s and Gilfanov’s offices. Probably, the continuation of the business partners’ proceedings will not take long to wait. Very soon, new and unattractive circumstances of conducting modern IT-business will come to the court of the public.